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The Global Event Management Studies ® (GEMS) offers industry-leading Certificate Programs in Event Management, that encompass Corporate Events, Social Events and Wedding Planning. GEMS is headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab (INDIA) and students from more than 30 cities from Northern Zone will be benefited from GEMS Professional Education Programs.

The Master’s Certificate in Event Management is GEMS’s premier program and qualifies students for the EEMA & ILEA affiliated Certification. All of GEMS’s Certificate Programs empower students with hands-on experience, preparing them for an increasingly global and diverse industry.

Best Event Management and Wedding Planner courses in Ludhiana, Punjab

Gems academy is the top-ranked Event management Institute in Ludhiana, Punjab. It is developed to cater the growing need of the huge multi-dimensioned event management industry. Event management is creating a lot of career opportunities and has become one of the best career option for students. Gems Academy is one of the best wedding planning and event management Institute in Ludhiana which offer event management diplomas, certified courses and degrees. We offer courses like Diploma in Wedding planning and styling, Advance diploma in Event management, etc.

Gems academy is an Institute which has a credible brand name in Event Management and wedding planning all over Punjab, India. It is the fastest growing wedding Planner academy in Ludhiana, Punjab. It is a matter of pride that Gems academy is a center of excellence in the arena of Event Management and related education so as to nurture the talent and provide quality human resource capital to Event Management Industry. Gems Academy offers the best Event Management Courses in Punjab so that students from 30 cities might be benefitted by their Institute.

Event management is type of management for the creation, development and management of large-scale events such as business meetings, corporate functions, conferences, festivals, parties, weddings etc. The students of such streams are trained in analyzing, planning and producing an event. Event Management has become flourishing industry today in India, worldwide. It is the only 24 x 7 and 365 days industry in the market which offers good job prospects and bright future for event management course holders. At Gems academy, a best wedding planning institute in Ludhiana, students are provided with the best study material for studying, practicing and are taught in the best way. We have experienced faculties, which gives complete knowledge of event management to our students to make them efficient event planner or wedding planner.

Event management training courses in Ludhiana

Gems Academy provides various certified courses and Diplomas in event management and wedding planning. Some of the courses provided are:

  • Advance diploma in Event management
  • Diploma in wedding planning and styling
  • Certificate in wedding planning
  • Certificate in event planning

  • The course was started with an aim to:-

  • Produce trained and qualified workforce for event management industry.
  • To create a new group of event managers, event coordinators and consultants.
  • To bring India to a higher level in the wedding planning industry.
  • To utilize the talents of new generation towards one of the fastest growing industry.

These Event management and wedding planning courses brings great benefit to the students. We offer two types of Event management diploma which includes 6 months diploma in event management, 1 year advance diploma in event management. We also offer 3 months certificate course for wedding planning, 3 months certificate course for event planning. Students can appear for these courses after the completion of their secondary and higher level school education. One can also apply for these courses after graduation.

Fact of GEMS

International Accreditation

6 Months to complete the Program on Average

Master Classes by Industry Experts

Opportunity to attend international Wedding Conferences

Virtual Classes by International Event Planners

Practical Event Training

Why choose GEMS

An incredibly Specialized Event Management Institute

Career Prospects

Event Management is a Multi-billion dollar Industry and still growing rapidly. Given the tens of millions of events such as conferences, meetings, trade shows, social events, and weddings. Gems academy is the best event planner academy which provides satisfactory career options. It’s no wonder that event management and wedding planning are some of the most demanded skills today.

Achieve Your Potential

We Gems Academy-best Event planner institute in Ludhiana believe that every student has the ability to achieve their full potential and be successful in their career. All it takes is a nurturing environment, which provides the right guidance and mentorship. From the day you register, you will quickly realize that GEMS mission is to serve our students.

Convenient & Affordable

GEMS' Programs allow you to take control of your career, on your terms. Students have complete flexibility to complete our Programs, whether you choose to study during the week or over weekends, you Can count on an engaging curriculum and asupportive learning environment. As many of our students are working professionals, we realize the challenges in juggling personal and professional demands.

Compare Certificate Programs

Compare between our certificate programs, and choose one that matches your objectives. Every Program is designed on a assignment-based format, and available on a pay-by-instalment option


1 Year Program

Advance Diploma in Event Management


One Time payment


14,999/- 10 EMIs
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6 Months Program

Diploma in wedding Planning & Styling


One Time payment


14,999/- 6 EMIs
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3 Months Program

Certificate in Wedding Planning


One Time

No Any EMIs
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3 Months Program

Certificate in Event Planning


One Time

No Any EMIs
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